Remote Support Portal

Remote Technical Support is available to all current Security customers Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
We ask that you schedule your support session if possible. Emergency support is available. Please call (804) 745-4936.

Schedule Remote Support Session

Start Remote Support Session

To start a one-time session, use the “Instant Session” button. If you are running this support on a dedicated security server and would like to install our remote agent, select “Download Agent.”

Instant Session
Download Agent

Either of these buttons will download a file named “NSDRemote.exe”
You will need to run this application to start the remote support session.

Schedule Remote Software Training

If you’ve recently purchased (or upgraded) an access control or security camera system with us, you’re eligible for (at least) 30 minutes of software training. That training can be scheduled using the calendar below. Please have all participants in attendance. If the training is to be conducted from a computer other than the one(s) we installed the software on during system-install, please have the client software installed on that computer before training. If you have questions, please reach out to your account manager before scheduling training.

We recently transitioned from GoToAssist to Dameware Remote Everywhere. If you still have the GoToAssist Agent installed on your hardware please uninstall it or use the calendar above to schedule a remote support session and we’ll do so for you.